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Welcome to the Lvl. archive - I've decided to leave the old site up as a reminder of where LVLs. (my new site) came from.  If you got here through some other means than the home page, click Protoman below to visit LVLs.

As a final note, I'd like to thank everyone who's been involved or linked to Wildcat Online/Lvl. during its tenure here, and hope that you will come join me in my new endeavor.  I'd really like to thank all of you who have contributed to my online career, through my old forum days at TNL, Shoryuken, The Lounge, De Novo and Got-Next, to my former staffer allies at Neomega, Quarter-Turn and Mario Speedway, to my current ties to Sestren and Nintendo Database, and to all of the people I have befriended online throughout the near eight years I've run this website.  An extra big thanks to Nester for helping me out here (and continuing to aid me at LVLs.).  And I'd like to give one last thank you to all of the artists who have donated gift art to me over this period of time.  I really do appreciate it, and will be rehosting your wonderful gifts on LVLs. in the near future.

To this address, I bid ye farewell, my old friend.  Many good times were spent here, and your foundation leads to a beautiful future.  JF

It's time for a change.
As of today, this is the final "proper" update to this site.  That sounds a bit depressing, but it isn't: Lvl. will be relocating to to become a blog!   This is a boon in multiple ways:
A) Wordpress allows 3 Gigabytes of storage, while Tripod allows a mere 20 Megabytes per site.  In short, I will be getting 15x the space.
B) I can allow other users to post their own stories, so Nester can add in his own work at his own leisure.
C) Lvl. has more in line for it than to be a mere game fansite.  I plan to open a video game/anime/book/music shop in the future, and I want Lvl. to be the online arm of it.  So, that means that I will be expanding the content to cover all of those aspects, and then some.
D) I can post updates, news and pictures from my new computer.  It's been working out great for my Deviantart site!
E) This website is the only reason I've kept my old PC.  It's slow, frustrating and needs to be minimized in its use.
What does this mean for these sites?  I am not removing them, truth be told.  There will be another update once the blog is up and all of the content on Lvl. is moved over to it (outside of the art galleries, but I'll get to that in a sec), with a link left on the main page to get to it, my Deviantart page, and the Imagery.  The Imagery will remain here (for now), and will get expanded.  I imagine that the Skies art will be enough to fill the entire 20 MB max on the WildcatArt site once I get the full size images up, so I'll be moving the Hotel Dusk, Beyond Good & Evil and Gifts onto this site to be hosted here.  If room allows, maybe something else will pop up here as well.  Once I find a way to relocate the art galleries (I don't want to shove them onto the blog...but it's a possibility I'll check out), then I will probably remove the galleries and leave the site with the aforementioned links.  
It's sad, really, since I've been running the site since August of 2001 (and what a wacky ride it's been through), but I think that it's time to move on.  I want to work on the site more, and with the blog format, I can do just that without having to go through the extra hassle of using this old PC to do it.  I want to thank everyone who's linked me, checked out the site or have aided in its creation in any way throughout these eight years.  The people who have done gift art for me are all awesome, incredible people and my heart goes out to you.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll do a retro feature on the site's history on the blog as a momento.
However, despite all of the "I'm moving to a blog!" hoopla, I've got a parting gift to the site.  And it's a doozy.  First off, I've uploaded several new Skies of Arcadia pictures into its Imagery.  There had to be at least 20 of them, and I've also updated several pieces with larger or better quality art.  Second, I've added three new features, two of which have been in the works for some time.  The entirety of my update is detailed below.
I am looking forward to the future of Lvl., and I hope to see you there. ^_^  JF

Site Updates:
Features - Favorite (and Worst) Box Art Pt. 1 added!  Along with that, Part 2 of my Nintendo Power rebuttal and a new Song Highlights!
Games List - Up to date.
Gifts - Temporarily removed from the site.  Will return once the blog transiston is complete.
Links - Added a ton of new sites, and removed several pictures for space reasons.
Skies of Arcadia Imagery - A heap of new content has been added.  Yay. :)
Looking Forward - Tweaked mine to add the awesome sounding Silent Hill Wiimake.

Lvl. is run by Wildcat.  Site - 2009 Wildcat and Nester.  Part of the Wildcat Online Network.
Characters, games and artwork are trademarks of their respective owners.  This is simply a fan site owner wanting to share his love of gaming, artwork and more with others.  Fan art used with permission from the artist OR was found on public domain.
Due to Tripod's 20 MB Limit, older work will be removed to make room for newer features.
I also apologize for the ad pop-ups that do nothing but frustrate.  I can not afford a monthly rate to remove them.  I recommend using a pop-up blocker/ad blocker to get rid of most of them to make my site more enjoyable. ^^
Thanks for visiting!  I hope you will enjoy your stay.

Lvl. was born from the ashes of


Your time was cut short.

But your legacies still burn in the hearts of those who knew you.

Rest in Peace, old friends.