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Beyond Good and Evil (GC, PS2, Xbox)

When I thought about redoing the list, this game stood out as the one that had been slighted by me the most.  This game is one of the most immersive I've ever gotten into.  It's a rich, rewarding gameplay experience that offers excellent parallels to the world of today.  The character designs are fantastic, both in a design and a voice casting sense.  And the game is, outside of Resident Evil 4, the best thing to come out of the last generation of games.  It's a marvelous piece of software, and its bump into the Top 10 is most deserving.
Original Notes:
For all of you who did not buy this game...shame on you.  You missed out on the best GC title released in 2003 (yes, better than Wind Waker.  I know it, you know it, so accept it  :p).  With hovercrafts and spaceships to control as well as main character Jade, and surprisingly mostly intelligent AI buddies to help you fight (who can be a tad cumbersome, but at least you have more control over them than in Wind Waker...disliked those parts), the gameplay was the star of the show here.  Jade controls well, and combining use of her camera with her staff and disc shooter created some awesome puzzles.  Add in some fantastic graphics and music to the mix and you have a truly stellar title.  If only it wasn't as short and sold better.  BTW, one of the best intros ever.  And Jade is one of my fave character designs in a game now too.  I highly recommend finding this one way or the other...