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Fire Emblem (GBA)

Oh, Fire Emblem, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  The artwork for this game is awesome.  Absolutely awesome.  The storyline is fantastic.  The game's maps are well designed, and the gameplay is also well thought out (minus Marcus - the EXP thief and the abuse of bosses and arenas...but hey, it's all good).  The characters are extremely likable, and the challenge of keeping them all alive is a strong drawing point.  But my favorite part in the game is probably when you get critical hits...I love them.  I hate having them happen to me.  >_<  But some of the animations are awesome.  Lyn's as a Blade Lord, Hawkeye's, Athos'  
I have played through this game twice - the first was doomed to fail because of Marcus, but the second time through was a lot more fun, so it's sitting proudly on my list.