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MULE (C64, other old, OLD computers)
Lvl. Feature
The oldest game on my list, this game was made the same year I was born. O_O  I discovered this gem before I got my N64...around 1993 or so.  I was given a Commodore 64 for free with a bunch of misc. software, and this title was the best of the bunch.  It saddens me that my C64 has aged to the point of messing up whenever the keyboard is jarred slightly, and this may be the only game I would ever emulate (haven't done it yet, but it may happen...).  The gameplay is what made this a blessing in ancient PC gaming: By using MULEs to create the food, energy and smithore (what makes MULEs) you need to survive, you then auction it off for money which you can either save or use to spend on the units from the store.  This game is strategy at its earliest, but it is a fine example of it.  EA really needs to release a (proper) retro package or something.  *grr*
The NES version isn't bad, but it's nowhere near as good, either.  The altering of the town block into a sidescrolling format fails miserably on nearly every front in contrast to the overhead view the PC version offered, and it just doesn't feel the same.  My feature explains that more in detail...