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N+ (DS)
Pub: Atari/Dev: Metanet/Silverbirch Studios
ESRB: E/Players: 1 - 2/Wi-Fi: Yes
W- Taking the core of the Flash-based PC freebie, N+ features extremely tight controls and some very challenging levels, offering up a lot of gameplay bliss.  Your ninja avatar feels incredibly fluid, and the game's learning curve is of the "easy to learn, hard to master" variety.  You may grasp the initial concept of the gameplay quickly, but you will be pushed to the limit in several of these levels into feats that may surprise you that you somehow pulled it off.  N+ reminds me a lot of the legends of the NES era with its simple yet addictive design - it's little more than platforming and item collecting a la Mario and the like, but the tense level design and superb response time makes N+ incredibly fun.
N+ doesn't push the DS all that much, but the use of the second screen as a map is quite handy.  I have had a ball conquering each level set, and have only found two gripes in the whole experience: It's very easy to accidentally abort out of the level when you die (a mere tap of Y will send you back to the menu, which should have had a prompt of Are You Sure?), and the majority of the music is a bit mediocre (but you can turn it off, so that's not much of a major issue).
Outside of that, though, I've got to say N+ has become one of my favorite DS games, easily.  It's great to see a small indie studio garner so much attention to get one of their games licensed and released to the masses, and N+ deserved it.  A fantastic game, well worth picking up.