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Metroid Zero Mission (GBA)

Ah, the original Metroid.  One of the few NES games nowadays I don't care for so much.  I appreciate its roots and I enjoyed it back in the day, but it's lacking a certain something that the later titles added (I'm spoiled by Super Metroid, what can I say?).  Enter Zero Mission, the remake of the classic that takes the original's plotline and adds in elements from Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion, plus some new stuff.  At first, I didn't like the new Alien Ship sequence with Samus stripped of her armor, but after playing through it again, it was pretty fun.  Anyway, the game is really well done.  It has very solid gameplay (I still don't like holding the R button for missiles, but that's probably just me), excellent GBA graphics, good music and great level design.  And the art style rocks. ^_^  One of the best of 2004, for sure.