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Super Mario 64 (N64, Wii VC)

Super Mario 64 is still in my eyes the best 3D example of platforming.  Unlike its sequel, it did not rely on a gimmick.  It simply brought classic Mario gameplay into 3 dimensions.  With 15 worlds to explore, plus secret areas and the castle hub, there was certainly enough to look for.  120 stars that were mostly scattered throughout the levels, plenty of moves for Mario to utilize, and some of the best 3D gameplay to this day make for a legendary first leap for Nintendo into the realm of 3D.
I played through this summer 2003, just to make sure I wasn't suffering from youthful delusions, and I still enjoyed every moment of collecting all 120 stars again (it was easier this time, despite the near 7 year gap between full runthroughs).  Still one of the best 3D cameras ever in a game, and just a fun game all the way around.
Speaking of the Wii, I've heard that the port is like the GC Zelda titles - the polygons have been smoothed out, giving the game a better look.  On the flip side, the C Stick reportably is not as effective as the C buttons to manipulate the camera.  Outside of that, no problems!  I'd recommend it!