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Mega Man 3 (NES, Wii VC, thru Mega Man Anniversary Collection on GC/PS2/Xbox)

Most may scoff at my inclusion of this game over Mega Man 2...and that's fine - that's the beauty of differences of opinion.  Here's my report on the game from the deceased Neomega's NES Greatest list:
I knew this game inside out, backwards and upside down.  And I still do. With simply incredible music, play control, NES graphics, and boss and level design, this title really pushed the NES to its limits.  Outside of a few other titles (SMB3, Kirby's Adventure), I spent most of my time on my NES with this game, and I only had a NES for 10 years, so that says a lot.  One of my most treasured games ever.
This game also holds the title of being one of my favorite game endings ever (it's the music and the impressive grass graphics...what can I say?) and some of the greatest music I've ever heard (Snake Man, Shadow Man, Wily's Castle music and Protoman's Whistle Concert), and the one game I can promise I am excellent at.  Except for the GC Anniversary version...because of reversed button reflex mess-ups. >_<  Gah.  I'm pondering selling my GC rev and downloading the VC version if I get the Wii online...