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Street Fighter Alpha 3 (DC, PSP, PS1, PS2 via SF Alpha Anthology)

I like SFA3.  There, I said it.
Offering a large cast of characters, multiple play modes and solid controls, Capcom delivered a very fun fighter for the DC.  Some may prefer SF3's more animated and technical approach while others long for the SF2 days of old, but I still like SFA3 the most out of the ones I own.  The storyline is very confusing, though...I won't argue that.
Fun times - My friend Anthony and I played this game a ton before he left for college.  Our two proudest moments came when we managed to topple M.Bison in Survival's Dramatic Mode (which takes a long, long time to do...) and when I beat two Final M.Bison's to clear World Tour Mode.  My friend Chris (the same one in my Zelda: OoT story) and I also had some classic battles on here (although we tend to play MvC2 when we get together).  Remembering those days made me give this a big, big boost up.  I really do enjoy this game.
SFA Anthology is a great package.  It offers up two SFA3's (the arcade version and the Upper version, adding in Guile, Fei Long, T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Juni, Juli, M. Bison, Evil Ryu and Balrog), along with the original SFA, SFA2, SFA2 Gold (which has a few tweaks and features Cammy as a hidden character) and Pocket Fighter (dubbed here as Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix).  Dramatic Mode makes a comeback in all of the Alphas, too.  And the unlockable Hyper SFA is sweet, with hidden playmodes a plenty.  Let's just say that being able to now make Guy teleport is a sweet, sweet trick. ;)  However, SFAA's SFA3 is pretty barebones compared to the PSP version that recently came out (which has Maki, Yun, Eagle and Ingrid along for the ride, as well as a Tag mode) and arguably to the older DC rev, thanks to the absence of World Tour Mode and a fleshed out Survival Mode (the Survival here is just one on one).  Despite that, 5 fantastic fighters that look amazing (this is by far the best looking console SFA3), play insanely well and offers some sweet unlockables make this a very worthy pickup.